About Man

             About Woman

女性は男性よりエレガントで、感情的で、直感的で、はるかに横との繋がりを結ぶことが上手です。 多くの科学者は、これは赤ちゃんの感情を認識するために発達した本能だと伝えています。

Women are more elegant, emotional, intuitive, and far more friendly. Many scientists believe this is an instinct to recognize a baby's feelings.

Psychology agrees that there may be a more forward-looking and greater agreement to accept negative opinions more easily. For example, this seems to explain why they are not so active in explaining things in a good understanding ways 

Two brain regions also work together to help you multitask. They tend to see the results very widely by including many aspects, including the emotional side (something different from themselves). That's why I'm emotionally smart.


The links to the answers below are detailed. Keep in mind that this is a common fact.

Man is naturally strong in his own way of thinking. US>We focus on job specificity and improvement, including a global point of view that encompassing everything.

The most dramatic and male impact is on two key aspects of testosterone that drive out competitors and predators, or on wives and families. Governance and domain.


The greatest glory of human intelligence is more than any other creature. It's good and bad. Because imagination is an application known as creativity. These features are often applied to many areas of daily life and, of course, to the extent that they are enhanced in business.That can be implied.

It does not exclude the fact that gender (unknown) has all essential aspects of existence. Each person inclines much more than the others, but it changes, and sometimes the line is blurred by imagination.